Welcome to Fullerton PONY Baseball Home of the 2014 PONY-13 World Series

We've all heard it said that "There is no I in TEAM", well, at Fullerton PONY there is no I in PONY either. From our youngest Foal players to our big kids playing Pony Division, we focus on teamwork and the success an individual can attain by working together with others. Our league is built around the belief that children need places to be children; to learn skills, to make friends, and to have role models worthy of their trust. Our league strives to teach baseball, which is a fantastic game, but also emphasizes sportsmanship, dedication, effort, and working together toward a common goal. These are skills that build young men and women into productive and valued members of society.

To keep a league as large as this running, we also rely on parent support. We do have fees to play in the league, but we do everything we can to keep costs to families low so that no children who want to play are ever left out. We ask our parents to help by bringing their child to practice, cheering for the children during the games, supporting a few fundraisers throughout the season, and taking a shift at our snack bar. Working together, families find Fullerton PONY a great place to meet new people and build lifelong family relationships.

So, welcome to Fullerton PONY. Join us for a season of ball. Find out the fun you’ll have cheering for your 3, 6, or 10 year old as they hit the ball, run the bases, and cross the plate. See their bright smile as coach gives them a high 5 and tells them they did a great job. Watch in pride as they cheer on a team mate who gets their first hit, or makes their first real catch. Watch your children grow and strive to learn new skills and understand this game.

We hope you join us. Just remember, Fullerton PONY Baseball is proud to say that in our league success is not measured by the number of players that advance to higher levels of the game, but to the countless numbers of young people that become outstanding citizens and leaders in their communities, due in part to the skills taught in PONY Baseball.

Let’s Play Ball!
Mike Silva
President, Fullerton PONY Baseball